The book explores the complex psychological issues relating to the dark side of motherhood. Its subject is rarely written or discussed even in the protected privacy of a psychiatrist’s care. People prefer to keep it deep inside and don`t dare speak it aloud.

But there are those who are not able to say a single word even if they wanted to. Those who were deprived not only of childhood but sometimes their life itself. They are destined to the silent suffering, trying to survive in the chilling embrace of the “dead” mother.

Dr. Sam Haley is a successful psychiatrist who is trying to help one of his special patients Anna to cope with the dark side of motherhood. He is ready to open his eyes wider, stepping aside from the usual terms to plunge into the world of children’s helplessness and fear to save another soul from the imminent death.


THE DEAD SILENCE – a hair-raising thriller about the helplessness of children

Jane B explores the complex psychological issues relating to the dark side of motherhood in “THE DEAD SILENCE”.

People hardly ever dare to speak aloud about the dark side of being a mother. The victims often remain silent, mainly because they are too young to speak up for themselves, but also because they cannot understand that what is happening to them is anything other than normal. They assume their mothers know best.

Successful psychiatrist Dr. Sam Haley, the novel’s main character, must find the entirely new vocabulary to deal with a case unlike any he has ever seen before. His patient Anna struggles with the darkness within herself. By helping her, Haley might manage to save another soul from imminent death. The plot of “THE DEAD SILENCE” by Jane B is all about children’s helplessness and fear. This intelligent and gripping novel will open readers’ eyes to fascinating psychological issues that are often neglected and kept under wraps. 



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